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Why is Everyone Doing Qigong

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Why is Everyone Doing Qigong
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I Specialize in Training Instructors.

"When the the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

This is why you've found me. I am available to help facilitate YOUR breakthrough. Through Breath, Energy, Food, Movement & Sound, I can help you to E X P A N D your health and embody your spirit.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Commit to your own livelihood.

 I am available for Private or Group sessions in the following areas of my expertise:

  •  Qigong Levels 1, 2, 3 (Wuji)
  •  Qigong Instructor Training
  •  Quantum Reflex Analysis
  •  Breath Empowerment
  •  Whole Food Nutrition
  •  Food-Based Healing
  •  Digestive Balance
  •  Specialty Diets 
  •  Tonic Herbs 
  •  Cleansing
  •  and more...

Your sessions may be a blend of these modalities whereby you will gain a great value to maximize your potential.
Take Charge Now and
EMPOWER Your Life!


      During this month after QiRevolution I am offering special rates for you to: 

    • Receive Hands on Qigong Training 
    • Refine with a Senior Supreme ScienceTrainer
    • Experience Profound Breathing Practice
    • Share or Deepen your Food Healing 

    Choose from the following 3 options:

    1. Solo Session- For the most profound QiCoaching experience. A one on one session will give you the details specifically needed to perfect your form in preparation for certification and refinement. The regular price for a Solo Session is $150 preparation for the Instructor training.
    2. Group Rate - For those on a budget or who prefer to practice in groups of 5 or more, the a group rate is also offered. This is a great opportunity to share the tools Living Health at your home or center. 
    Available Sessions

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