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Why Try Qigong? For the Power to Be Well

Posted by Tommy Dale on June 16, 2010 at 5:30 PM

  Why Try Qigong? For the Power to Be Well Can sequences of simple motions and thoughts cure disease and prevent illness? Why Qigong holds the self-healing power many Westerners are searching for.

 :: By Qigong expert Francesco Garripoli


     People come to me to learn qigong because they want to take control of their health. So many say they don't want to be victims of a medical system that simply prescribes drugs to deal with symptoms. They know intuitively they can make a difference in their health. Qigong's creators knew that everything on the physical plane is reflected in a spiritual/cognitive/emotional way, and vice versa. The system they created taps the healing potential already within you.


Many people who practice Qigong talk about how their energy levels improve, their sleep becomes more restful and their aches are lessened. The benefits vary greatly — each person brings something different, whether it's physical problems that have taken years to develop or mental/emotional blocks that create inertia to healing.

     Qigong activates the body's natural rebalancing processes: Whatever is weak or out of balance will be brought to its healthy level. The same exercises can lower blood pressure in a person with hypertension, and raise it in a person with low blood pressure.


     Qigong's meditative movements, focused breathing and creative visualization techniques can deliver very obvious results in a short time, after learning only a few simple moves. The movements (which share similarities with T'ai Chi, a form of Qigong) actually net more benefits with much less exertion than many other forms of exercise.

      Put it to the practicality test — how does it affect your body, your outlook and everyone around you? My students often catch themselves breathing differently in challenging situations and using qigong energy techniques when they get hurt. If you feel like taking on anything else would push you over the top, consider that qigong can actually enhance your life — rather than just adding something more to think about.

Francesco Garripoli is a master in the art of Qigong, president of the Qigong Institute and author of  Qigong - Essence of the Healing Dance.

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