Wuji Yoga

Breath : Energy : Food : Movement : Sound

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What is Wuji Yoga?

Wuji in ancient Chinese is "limitless; infinite"

Yoga in ancient Sanskrit is "to unite, or join". Thus, 

Wuji Yoga is the way of uniting with the limitless, infinite through

Breath : Energy : Food : Movement : Sound

 • Join the Movement •

QiActivation Coaching

What if you could find a way to have Infinite Energy 

to Feel Great & Enhance your Life & Vitality?

In case you didn't already know... Qi (pronounced Chee) is that energy. 

We are literally immersed in a Living Abundance of Energy at ALL times. 

We've only to remember to Slow Down Enough and BREATHE it in.

Wouldn't it be great if it were also a 

Simple & Fun way to Relax & Recharge?

There is a FREE and Infinite Supply of energy to you & your loved ones. 

So come to experience how Simple Health and Longevity can be.